Repair/Install Glass Doors

Our team of professionals will help you repair glass doors with faulty accessories such as noisy glass doors, door not opening or closing, floor hinge oil leak, etc. with no fuss!

Glass Order and Delivery

We can assist in ordering various types and colors of glass to your specification and delivering* them to your job site. Currently, we sell tempered glass, laminated glass, low energy glass. The available colors are green, light green, gray, eurogray, dark grey, blue, and many more. We have a longstanding history of collaboration with glass manufacturers to make swift delivery times as quick as possible.

Shower Screen Installations and Repairs

We can handle shower screen repairs and installations for your residence! Please consider contacting us for quotations and consultations regarding shower screens.

Auto Door Installation

We specialize in providing and installing Dorma auto doors. Our professional staff will assist in measuring, quoting and installing automatic glass doors as per your specifications.

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